The key differences between depression and bipolar disorder

Depression and bipolar disorder share many of the same symptoms – but they're two different illnesses that require different treatments.

There are a lot of misconceptions about depression and bipolar disorder, which isn't surprising given how similar the two illnesses are. They're so similar, in fact, that nearly 70% of people with bipolar disorder are initially diagnosed with depression.

It's not only alarming from a numbers perspective, but it means that 70% of people initially aren't getting the help they need or are being put on medications that could induce a manic episode – sometimes, without them even knowing. That's pretty scary.

We created this guide to help you understand the key differences between depression and bipolar disorder. Whether you're in the early stages of understanding your diagnosis, someone unsure about your whether you have depression or bipolar disorder, or you're someone wanting to learn more about mental illness, this guide is for you.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • Depression and how it's different from being sad
  • The common symptoms of depression
  • Bipolar disorder and the different types
  • The common symptoms of bipolar disorder
  • How to recognize the signs of mania or hypomania
  • Why bipolar disorder is commonly misdiagnosed as depression
  • How to navigate your recovery moving forward

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Learn the differences between depression and bipolar disorder